This Kolarctic Cross-Border Cooperation project aims to develop a better understanding of the needs and priorities of SMEs in the Kolarctic region with respect to development of New Natural Kolarctic Products (NNKPs) with assistance from research institutes and academic institutions.  Our intention is to organise effective interactions between these two types of organisations in the form of interactive web-resource and face-to-face contacts allowing meeting the needs and capacities of both ends.  

Contact person – Russia
Alexander Kudryavtsev
(+7) 921 721 21 25
Northern State Medical University

Contact person – Finland & Sweden
Pekka Kilpeläinen
(+358) 0294 488 111
University of Oulu

Contact – Person Norway
Ross Wakelin
(+47) 99 252 485

Website concept

A platform for communication and cooperation between SMEs and R&D institutions.
Presentations of success stories, priorities, needs and problems.

website concept

If you want to be profiled on this web page you can register here, by filling out your information and a password. You can then edit your profile information at anytime. The profiles are displayed (newest first) on the Members page. A more complete profile (with pictures and videos), located under the appropriate menu heading, can be arranged by contacting your local contact person